'Illusions' – Installation, Art and Sciences Centre, Holon, Israel, 1998


Built into the exhibition hall is another hall whose transparent walls are built from reliefs made of synthetic materials through which the silhouettes of visitors in both halls are reflected.
The reliefs hang on scaffolding – like structure.
Both sides of the walls are decorated with reliefs that express the similarities and differences in the same shape.
The reliefs act as a transparent boundary enclosing the visitors. The ability to see through them enhances the feeling of loneliness and detachment between them.
The exalted God, high, far away and detached and humanity that exists in each statue and relief are symbolized by glass balls which on one the hand are both whole and perfect, and on the other – weak and always helpless.
The entire assemblage is whole and it emphasizes the absurdity of our being. It is here to stress these questions:

  • Do natural materials go through metamorphosis?
  • Do synthetic materials grow out of natural ones?
  • And will the synthetic materials destroy nature?

The entire installation is strongly lit. Everything is glowing and esthetic.

  • Is this beauty good or bad?
  • And perhaps – the illusion blinds us?
  • Are emptiness and suffocation taking over our world?
  • And maybe – we forgot something basic, primal, natural?




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